Tuesday, April 29

High heels are Killer, Slippers are Healer

Can you find the similarity from the pictures beside they are celebrities... Is that cool?!
Summer is approaching, flip flops are essential for every girls. I always think flip flops are something that i can't live without. High heels are my killer, slippers are my healer.
To my frens, are u ready sunglasses, bikini, slippers and bigbig hat for TIOMAN trip?! I've not done yet~!

Sunday, April 27

Lookin for Platform Heels

I am addicted with platform!!! Wanted to get it...as soon as possible..hope and wish. It is in my shopping list now, tsk tsk.. I love because it is really cool and has the attitude. Also can make me higher and higher....

Here we go~
WOWwow, i love TOPSHOP. Their platform high heels not just beautiful, it is still reasonable! Im really got feel with the Yellow one. But the Black one goes well we all clothes and seasons.

TOPSHOP Platform High Heels

YSL Platform Heels

BUT, soon i will be goin to the city where doesnt really allow me to wear high heels so frequently :(

Friday, April 25

Unique Wedding

- Rent an indoor place
- Invite bunch of family members and friends
- Serve with many wines and liquors
- Serve jz abit foods, very little
- The bride dresses up nicely

- BUT the groom wears Converse
This is what im really care about~!!

Could my ladies accept this kind of wedding?!
Like a cocktail party or clubbing..

I will cry man.. My Man, pls dont give an unique wedding like this in future...
You know me very well, i will be super really upset if i get this~
im absolutely girlly girl!!

Thursday, April 24

Excited for It to Start Up Again

Morning sms from px : GG IS OUT! I immediately jumped out from the bed to watch it and ignored the revision for media ethics. It is soo.......NICE!! and the competitions among girls, Cool. Although it is a very young drama, but i really love their fashion..

What a surprise! Breakfast at Tiffany's is in Gossip Girl..It is a amazing intro for the new season. Always, Audrey Hepburn is Blair Waldof's idol...

and still, Serena Van Der Woodson my favourite character..

Wednesday, April 23

Do the Right Thing in the Right Age

Was driving to uni for exam, while listening to the radio DJ promoted the HARD CANDY album from Madam M, i felt sooo....disgusting!! I recall her "Hang Up" video clip and "Hard Candy" album's cover.. Is she the fetish of showing undies??!! or she is too obsessed with her body??!! Not that im conservertive.. but just save this for those young bimbos, you are 50..pls do the right thing in ur right age..

Topshop member pre-sales day, i got nothing. Too many people, long queue, and big sizes. End up i just got 2 undies. It is so cool and cute. They are always in my wanting, finally i got it!! But it is too shy for me to show here:) Topshop's undies design is very cute and young, totally diff from La Senza n Vic Secret. But i love all of them~

Sunday, April 20

Oh MIU MIU~ so FAB!!

Miu Miu
Nappa Frame Bag

About Hong Kong

HongKong to me is jz about... walking, small tiny house, pack and tight, pressures, burders...
But God, why you pick me a man from there or why i pick myself a man from there....
I guess it is goin to be a hard time, Else, im waiting for a miracle...

but to my man, im still lovin u~u are my motivation....