Thursday, January 15

Getting Great

Finally I'm out from retail.. the manager in training (MIT) period has ended and now i'm a true Visual Merchandiser.. Feeling better.. but still, it's very hard work, physically tired and need lotz of energy.. but as long as dont need full day work in a same retail, it will be much better..
Can't wait to go home on 24th Jan, i really super miss baby kyern, though i know he acts like big boy now.. He sang to me few days ago from MSN, wat a wonderful surprise.. i really want to meet him as soon as possible..

Monday, December 15

Exhausted in December

Finally i get time to rest and doing blog.. px and lynn motivated me lotz....

Santa Claus is coming to town.. love all the jingles and xmas songs surround in town

I've changed my job to get myself into my favourite fashion field to work as a visual merchandiser in Cotton On. At first, I feel so excited to do what i love the most, but in fact, that's not. When they confirmed me, they've changed my position into MIT ( Manager in training). It's the training to be a store manager but i dont like to do as a store manager in retail, so i've made the decision to resign.. They have calmed me down saying they will let me to do all VM task in future. This job is physically hard.

The JobScope
1. Refill
2. Tidy up
3. Folding
4. Change Display
5. Store Presentation
6. Customer Services

My Desire JobScope
1. Design for Window Display
2. Design for Store Presentation
3. Creative the VM directives
4. Go arround all stores to do all the VM

So i feel so crash between the facts and the desires. It seems like this is not what i want. But recently the layoff in Hong Kong is horrible and terrible, i should appreaciate that i still have a job. Somemore, it's about fashion, i should think of the fun site and look for long term. Cotton On is a new brand in Hong Kong and still expanding. My sister encouraged me with " the efforts today is to build the achievement of tomorrow" So im giving myself a probation period to adapt into it.

Currently watching STYLISTA. it's a reality show of people fighting to get into ELLE Magazine to be the editor. It's like a reality show of Devil Wears Prada.. very interesting. Girls, u should go and catch it up....

Tess is my new friend. I lik her style because she always put so much efforts into mix and match. We met in Cotton On but she just worked for 3 days. So coinsident that she is just staying the next apartment of mine. Thanks for her shopping guide and toured me around the bars and boutiques where i dont know about it at all. Here is the Irish Pub we went on friday night. Some strangers paid for the drinks, awesome~!

The Kilkenny is smooth and soft like silk....
I told kit that im goin to update my blog, i need some recent photos, so we went to TST and Mongkong shopping at the same time to capture some photos...

Monday, November 24

A lil' bit of Excitement

So long didnt hang out with kit in weekend coz i left hk for almost 3 weeks. This Saturday we went to walk around, shop around and eat around. I love to take photos, not to be the photographer, but the person appear in photo..haha. Im so poor in snapping people and i dont know how to take a pretty photo but kit does. haha.. and we hv took some in the weekend.
And i get a lil' bit excitement bcoz i've bought a pair of Long Tory Boots.

Thursday, November 6

Totally Into Plaid and Tartan

Plaid, tartan, check or something to do with boxes are get me drunk. Im so love the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter Scotland theme Ad Campaign. But hardly to get any from my closet, dont know why... I hope i cant pick up some from H&M or TOPSHOP or even cheaper boutiques. D&G is just a joke for me.





Sunday after church before leaving to HK, i went shopping at Pyramid and got a plaid shirt from TOPSHOP! I guess that is so in trend right now because i can found at least 7 pcs different plaid/tartan in topshop. I brought in 4 different design to the fitting and thanks for the assistant who recommended me this one. I love it so much. Kit said i looked so cow boy haha, sometime it seems so old fashion. But it's still a great great satisfaction.

Monday, October 20


Vicky Cristina Bercelona, a really BEATIFUL movie...beautiful place, beautiful music and beautiful people. It's not a 100%marks movie, the story could be more amazed but im totally forgive it because i did really enjoy the whole show. I was wondering.. is that the plan of Spain's tourism to make such a beautiful movie from tourism angle to attract more tourists. It's so ridiculous when an American man meet Spanish man. The american well dressed with coat and talk rationally and talk about finance, but the spanish with casual wear, love art, playful and relax..Hmm.. which type do u like and which type attract you more

I'm used to dislike penelope but this movie have changed the perception. She is so Cun and Hot and acted like a crazy sexual rude lady in the movie.

Scarlett Johansson is so sweet.. She is one of the charming girl in my list. I like her hair.

You should go and find out what happen and why are they kissing
then I went to Shek O yesterday, another beach near Chai Wan and it's nicer than Stanley Beach. We bought picnic map, magazines, potato chips, water, sunblock, shampoo... but actually we didnt really use it..In order to finish the things we bought, we will go there more often before winter. haha

Oh man, actually we didnt take photo for the overview of the beach. Kit was just focused to shoot me and Others Girlss... haha

I got it from Goggle

Tuesday, October 14

Autumn is Coming

em Em em, the weather has changed, im still can see the sunlight but i can feel the windy too. Beside travelling, this is my first time to cross over the summer, autumn and maybe the winter. I need lotz of magazines for guiding me to dress up and even how to use the scarf. It's excited yet very costly..Trench Coast, Turtle Neck, Boots, Stocking, Legging, Cold Colour, am i suppose to go and replanish or replace the suelynn said.. Gotta Eat Bread For The Next Month. Joinin my family to bangkok next month..really cant wait for it.. i miss everyone, luckily my sista visited me last month and nicole jz visited me last weekend. They made me feel that im actually not that far from them. Totally miss my family crazily and wish little baby Kyern will still remember me..

Thursday, September 18

Haute Couture

Fashion word Haute Couture. In French haute (Oat) is "high, elegant", couture(kootour) is "sewing". I always see this word in magazine, and i just know that Haute Couture is a high class clothes until i see the Elle Magazine publishes the Dior Haute Couture. So i go Wiki and find the true definition.... Oh man.. Haute Couture is the King of the King in Fashion.

"Haute couture refers to the designing, creating, and selling exclusive custom-made, high fashion women's clothes.
Haute couture clothing usually takes from 100 to 400 hours to make one dress, costing from $26,000 to over $100,000. A tailored suit starts at $16,000, an evening gown at $60,000.
Today only 2,000 women in the world buy couture clothes; 60% are American. Only 200 are regular customers. Often, designers will loan clothes to movie stars or other public figures for publicity."(

As of the 08/09 Fall/Winter Haute Couture Fashion week the Official Members are Adeline Andre, Anne Valerie Hash, Chanel, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Dominique Sirop, Emanual Ungaro, Franck Sorbier, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gautier, Maurizio Galante.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Haute Couture

Celebrities wear Haute Couture in Oscar

I Still Want to Be SEXY

Can't get any motivation to dress up in these days,hmm like i have lost my style. Surfing around the facebook and see my girls are still dress up bitchily bimboly hottie sexily nicely... i feel so jealous and i also wanna back to be like you girls. Dressing in Hong Kong need a deep deep knowledge, not only because here is a fashionable city but it caused by many many different factors. Firstly, you should have to Dress up Properly. Cant to be too bling-blings, cant have too many branded monograme stuffs on body, cant have too thick make up, no big logo for tshirt eg A/X. These all will shape you like a ChinaWomen, and so called "Dai Lock Yan". Secondly, NoNo Low Cutting. In Hong Kong their MTR, bus, tram are full of bizarre species of people. Unfortunately im staying and working in Kawloon Island where contains with so many "weird" and "horrible"people. The MTR map bellow, im staying and working in the Green Line, there has an interchange stations to go China, that's why inside the train cabin is always full of uncivilized people, i dont mean all of them but part of them. Im so phobia to take the MTR after work every evening, it's so tight, so smelly, so dirty, oh man, really can die.....So Kit and I wish to move to the Blue Line area which is Hong Kong Island as soon as we can. Soon..i will be crazy..So this is the reason, if i wear something low and maybe with so little cleavange , damn...the man will stare and stop their sight there.. damn insulting.. huh~ uncivilized!! I know ppl are used to peep but at least it's peeping, huh~ i hate their cheap lusty expression
So how am i going to be sexy? to be bitchy? to be hot?

Monday, September 8

I Need This

Union Jack Chanel Clutch
Agyness Deyn

Few months ago i spotted this bag carried by QiQi on TV, then about on last month i saw another artiste carried the same bag and was sitting behind me in church. Well, i was just feeling mysterious towards the bag and i know i like it coz i grabbed my attention untill..... last night, i saw AgynessDeyn holded the bag on youtube and google images.. It's like calling my name and temping me alotz... Im sure i couldnt afford to have it right now, maybe later, but hopefully it wont pass the trend. My favourite bag and favourite model...Gosh, im wanting to have it so much...

Tuesday, August 12

I Took Your Plan And I Turned It On Itself

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan? The mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon's got plans. You know, they're schemers. Schemers trying to control their worlds. I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how, pathetic, their attempts to control things really are. I just did what I do best. I took your plan and I turned it on itself. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh and you know the thing about chaos, it's fair"
Last night i went for second time of Dark Knight because i got extra free tickets. Really love this movie, not merely of the action part or joker part, i found the story was so HUMANITY. They zoomed in to look at human's selfishness and ugly crimes. Like joker said he had no plans but he used all the plans of others. The movie is telling the truth about the realistic world, there is no longer promoting the integrity of a hero. And Heath Leager's acting was really great. The second time i was really paid attention to his movement and expression. He should receive the Oscar best male actor or best joker actor.

Saturday, August 2

Finally Brought Him Home ( it's gone)

He is so cun, handsome and strong(13.6megapixel resolution). Im gonna snap more pictures and post it here.

Some bloody cheapskate fella stole my camera in Poppy KL. If they are so cheap and poor till need steal something from other.. how come they manage to get into the club? Bend and beg the bouncer?! Maybe ...bloody cheap...

Nevermind... im planning to get a new one back...tsk tsk

Saturday, July 26

I Felt Myself

Last night was brilliant. I accompanied Kit to his colleagues and ex-colleagues gathering dinner at Brazil BBQ Restaurant. The food was so so but unexpectedly the friends were awesome. I found that they were so interesting, humor, open minded, funny, talkative, initiative, friendly and so one. Carrie from Hong Kong, the organizer who contacted everyone for this gathering, made the booking and directed me & kit to the venue. She is so easygoing and friendly. So im at ease to let her be kit's good colleague in order to share gossip in office..hee Then we got Dian from Beijing, Sebastien from France, Harvey who longer stayed in New Zealand and me from Malaysia. I wana highlight Christian from Argentina , he seemed like the Leading Actor last night. With long messy hair, mustache, big tummy and he can crap so much, in fact it weren't craps. He had really much of life experiences, from Argentina to Italy and to Hong Kong. At the whole night, he was the storyteller who shared so many lively funny stories. I’m so remembered that he said five years ago when he were staying in Italy, they had to wait for six months to get the telephone line. And Italian really doesn't like to work. Six month.. wait for six days here is consider so long.. After the dinner, we went to Bar for shisha. From the day I left Tanah Malayu, I left the club, bar and liquor. I dont deny that I'm an alcoholic beside shopaholic. It is always very fun to hang out with bunch of friends. i felt glad comfortable to join with people. Maybe i have spent too much time with hong kong people and speak cantonese. And last night i felt myself was there.

And here's the result of the smoke of Apple Shisha

I was the poorest one

Tuesday, July 15

Club Monaco Gets Me Drunk

I am isolated. I'm here for more than a month, have never committed myself to the society. Using an outsider's eye to watch the others, I feel myself is like a stranger and I don’t want to be part of them, also worry that I will be part of them. But don't get me wrong, I'm not sealed off myself in a room. Get nothing much can do here, life is just about work and shop. I attend church and shopping every weekend to feed my soul in order to cut down the depressed by being away from home. Sometimes really miss family and you guys but i know i should have to move forward. Recently, I've fall into the trap of seasonal sales. 30%-50%- 70% HK doesn't have Topshop, so i've become a fan of Club Monaco. I was late to their sales. The targeted trench dress has no more~ what a disappointment! But i bought a pair of Skinny Jeans, Knee Length Shorts, Satin Top, Polo Tee, Formal Shirt and Full Leather Notebook costed around RM 800~ It consider valuable from Club Monaco. Ivii gonna kill me i guess~However, i miss to shop with u girls.

Quite some time have never updated my face here~ this picture doesnt tell the truth, it's not so glad to go for work. Am so frastruted to wake up early in the mornin.. see my puffy face.. but.. actually im always puffy :)

Thursday, June 19

Desire Satisfaction

Always..patience is a good lesson, and a great lesson, and it's a honey, sugar, i crazy?! Because... something that I aimed for so damn long has became mine.. Occasionally i met the regional manager from US there, he is as handsome as david beckhem and surprisingly he praised that I have a good choice, and the colour is nice. I agree with its uniqueness bcoz even the sales assistant didnt know the design is came with green till she checked from the system. I reserved it and finally i got it on thursday..Im so beyond happy..bcoz it seems like a long journey.

Wednesday, June 18


My pants is wet, my lovely heels is gone.. all are like the chicken deep in sad. Everyone walk aside with umbrella and bang and poke and push each other..damn it.. Im really fed up with myself to in this environment and im emotional and im angry!! Rainy day was my most wanted day.. but now definitely not a good day...
I miss the time when i can drive..

Friday, June 6

I'm so lost to post

I've paused to post for so long and now im really stucked and dont know where and how to restart.. From the graduation trip, singapore trip, the "not farewell" gathering and currently in hong kong.. here are so many things happen...

Well.. give me little time to organize and manage my stories..

I think im too lazy to vomit all the things due to my poor memory, i manage to tell randomly, so probably facebook's album will be another storage where can tell you a little of my stories..

@ Hong Kong
I thought im independent and i wont get tied up by the things from Malaysia beside missing my family and friends. But it's NOT. I has totally distrubed by missing baby Kyern. His cheeky expressions and sweetest smile always appear again and again in my mind. He is so cute especially at this moment and i dont want to lose the chance to watch him grow up and I can't wait to see him learn how to walk, talk and everything. What a lovable and pretty baby who always bring lotz of joy and happiness in our family.

this "pretended crying face" is what i really love the most. It is so funny yet so cute..when i say "cry cry" then he will do this expression.ha ha
Oh~ so

Im so appreciated that every Sunday we can attend church together, then walk and eat around at Causeway Bay but in HK, im seriously really need to walk so muchhh.. like i have walked from Jenjarom to Klang then to KL. Everytime i complain so much till he fed up but truly it is so tiried. Still very new to the environment, little strange maybe no more Malays and Indians and everything is in Cantonese. And it is like an information overloaded's city. I can read everything everywhere. Advertisements, direct sales, booth promotions, banners, wall.. everywhere contains the contents. I really cant choose whether to receive or reject coz i've already been interrupted. Here, Ikea has became my second home. Almost every evening we walked to Ikea and some furniture stores to hunt for the cosmetics to make up the empty house. The rest of time i do a lazy bug at home, online, drama, and now blogging while waiting for my employment visa done. Thank God for giving me a man who has wonderful cooking skill. He cook tomato spaghetti, carbonara and some chinese foods for the dinners. Due to his high demand on food like my high demand on clothes, i dont need to worry of my meals because he will settle for me all the time.

Well, talking about clothes, i was quite excited for the Sex and the City. We went to watch it on Monday, it is my favorite fashion film after Breakfast at Tiffany's. Im sure for all ladies who are into fashion definitely get a big crush on this movie. It's so amazing with her huge closet (my dream too), shoes , labels, 3 bbfs and a man who loves her so much... Ladies in Malaysia, silakan.. Sure you will loves it so much, i know u guys well. But too bad for the censorship..erm...maybe get a DVD?! heee.. Most wanted song in the soundtrack>> Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis's Auld Lang Syne

Oh ya, before i forget.. i MUST tell that finally i went to MAYDAY concert. In April no one wanted to go Genting with me for their concert but luckily at last i found one in Hong Kong, what a good timing. Oh my goodness, it was sososo rock. After the Linkin Park concert, i admit that Mayday is another powerful band that could rock the audiences. Although my man was just accompanied me to that concert but he seems to have more fun and higher than me..

to be continued.....