Friday, June 6

I'm so lost to post

I've paused to post for so long and now im really stucked and dont know where and how to restart.. From the graduation trip, singapore trip, the "not farewell" gathering and currently in hong kong.. here are so many things happen...

Well.. give me little time to organize and manage my stories..

I think im too lazy to vomit all the things due to my poor memory, i manage to tell randomly, so probably facebook's album will be another storage where can tell you a little of my stories..

@ Hong Kong
I thought im independent and i wont get tied up by the things from Malaysia beside missing my family and friends. But it's NOT. I has totally distrubed by missing baby Kyern. His cheeky expressions and sweetest smile always appear again and again in my mind. He is so cute especially at this moment and i dont want to lose the chance to watch him grow up and I can't wait to see him learn how to walk, talk and everything. What a lovable and pretty baby who always bring lotz of joy and happiness in our family.

this "pretended crying face" is what i really love the most. It is so funny yet so cute..when i say "cry cry" then he will do this expression.ha ha
Oh~ so

Im so appreciated that every Sunday we can attend church together, then walk and eat around at Causeway Bay but in HK, im seriously really need to walk so muchhh.. like i have walked from Jenjarom to Klang then to KL. Everytime i complain so much till he fed up but truly it is so tiried. Still very new to the environment, little strange maybe no more Malays and Indians and everything is in Cantonese. And it is like an information overloaded's city. I can read everything everywhere. Advertisements, direct sales, booth promotions, banners, wall.. everywhere contains the contents. I really cant choose whether to receive or reject coz i've already been interrupted. Here, Ikea has became my second home. Almost every evening we walked to Ikea and some furniture stores to hunt for the cosmetics to make up the empty house. The rest of time i do a lazy bug at home, online, drama, and now blogging while waiting for my employment visa done. Thank God for giving me a man who has wonderful cooking skill. He cook tomato spaghetti, carbonara and some chinese foods for the dinners. Due to his high demand on food like my high demand on clothes, i dont need to worry of my meals because he will settle for me all the time.

Well, talking about clothes, i was quite excited for the Sex and the City. We went to watch it on Monday, it is my favorite fashion film after Breakfast at Tiffany's. Im sure for all ladies who are into fashion definitely get a big crush on this movie. It's so amazing with her huge closet (my dream too), shoes , labels, 3 bbfs and a man who loves her so much... Ladies in Malaysia, silakan.. Sure you will loves it so much, i know u guys well. But too bad for the censorship..erm...maybe get a DVD?! heee.. Most wanted song in the soundtrack>> Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis's Auld Lang Syne

Oh ya, before i forget.. i MUST tell that finally i went to MAYDAY concert. In April no one wanted to go Genting with me for their concert but luckily at last i found one in Hong Kong, what a good timing. Oh my goodness, it was sososo rock. After the Linkin Park concert, i admit that Mayday is another powerful band that could rock the audiences. Although my man was just accompanied me to that concert but he seems to have more fun and higher than me..

to be continued.....


yook hwa said...

oooooh i like a guy who can cook. heeheee. baiknya kit!

so when u starting work?

take care ya ;)

Jingles said...

i also dont know when..still working on the visa, the company is so slow~ i keep waiting for them to get the thing done..

≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

finallly!!!!!!!! pretty pretty broccoli on the pastas summore! AHHAhA!

update more pls k. like about ur job and whre u're staying and every f*cking thing about hk. AHHH!!!

Jingles said...

yes PX,i have a good cook, welcome to be my guest when you are free..