Monday, May 5

Goodbye, My Lil Lovin Shelter

Have been staying here for more than two years and now I’m moving into a new house. This place has brought me lotz of sweet memories as well as loneliness. I've stayed here alone for almost a year since my sister got the lil baby Kayern but soon we will be staying together again in her new big house. Gonna say thanks to my sister who has provided me such a comfort and nice place with all the good stuffs and facilities and especially it’s FOC, really appreciate it. Not really gonna be so upset to leave this apartment because I miss home cooking. I miss the home cook from my mom. Thank God, the week after this, I can stay with them again. Wow~ BUT, it wont last long. At the end of May, I will be leaving to Hong Kong to meet up my man. We have been separated by the long distance for years, and finally……we are about to get together. Hopefully, I can get a job and apartment there smoothly.

The house is soo....messy and dirty with all the stuffs are blocking the way

I packed my shoes, and i arranged.........Can you feel the summer?! Then only i realized i have so many colouful shoes.

Possibly, my last time to take the picute here. It's so memorable. But i look much more chubby now, sobsob. I have gained weight in this exam period. I must determine myself to lose weight after this!!


≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

i am snapping the virginity of ur blog's comment area!!! yay!!!

welcome to the world of blogging. ;)

Jingles said...

Snapping my virginity??! well, for the blog's comment nevermind and so welcome~

Lynnie said...

Welcome welcome! :)

i wanna have a man to design and work for me too.........

i think i need to go hk and find. hahaha

Jingles said...

i think u should find the man in Singapore..hee..

Lynnie said...

ang ang u should update like everyday! so we know what you're up to over there. Plus, this allows us to live vicariously through you!!!!!!!

jenn* said...

hello! found this blog thru px. nice blog!