Monday, November 24

A lil' bit of Excitement

So long didnt hang out with kit in weekend coz i left hk for almost 3 weeks. This Saturday we went to walk around, shop around and eat around. I love to take photos, not to be the photographer, but the person appear in photo..haha. Im so poor in snapping people and i dont know how to take a pretty photo but kit does. haha.. and we hv took some in the weekend.
And i get a lil' bit excitement bcoz i've bought a pair of Long Tory Boots.

Thursday, November 6

Totally Into Plaid and Tartan

Plaid, tartan, check or something to do with boxes are get me drunk. Im so love the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter Scotland theme Ad Campaign. But hardly to get any from my closet, dont know why... I hope i cant pick up some from H&M or TOPSHOP or even cheaper boutiques. D&G is just a joke for me.





Sunday after church before leaving to HK, i went shopping at Pyramid and got a plaid shirt from TOPSHOP! I guess that is so in trend right now because i can found at least 7 pcs different plaid/tartan in topshop. I brought in 4 different design to the fitting and thanks for the assistant who recommended me this one. I love it so much. Kit said i looked so cow boy haha, sometime it seems so old fashion. But it's still a great great satisfaction.