Monday, September 8

I Need This

Union Jack Chanel Clutch
Agyness Deyn

Few months ago i spotted this bag carried by QiQi on TV, then about on last month i saw another artiste carried the same bag and was sitting behind me in church. Well, i was just feeling mysterious towards the bag and i know i like it coz i grabbed my attention untill..... last night, i saw AgynessDeyn holded the bag on youtube and google images.. It's like calling my name and temping me alotz... Im sure i couldnt afford to have it right now, maybe later, but hopefully it wont pass the trend. My favourite bag and favourite model...Gosh, im wanting to have it so much...


≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

eeyerrr alexander mcqueen got that union jack clutch. so not niceee!! but then see her holding lke quite yeng. LoL!!! buy buy buy!!! would you buy if there was one with malaysian flag? WAHAHHA

Jingles said...

ar u sure tat u ar actually talking bout msian flag?muahaha, how do you think? i shouldnt say much coz u know la, nowaday the blog issue telah hebat kat msia, later mine kena block too~

i feel the bag wont last tat long, unlike the classic one, so really hv to think and save probably~ for sure i cant get it now.. haha