Thursday, September 18

I Still Want to Be SEXY

Can't get any motivation to dress up in these days,hmm like i have lost my style. Surfing around the facebook and see my girls are still dress up bitchily bimboly hottie sexily nicely... i feel so jealous and i also wanna back to be like you girls. Dressing in Hong Kong need a deep deep knowledge, not only because here is a fashionable city but it caused by many many different factors. Firstly, you should have to Dress up Properly. Cant to be too bling-blings, cant have too many branded monograme stuffs on body, cant have too thick make up, no big logo for tshirt eg A/X. These all will shape you like a ChinaWomen, and so called "Dai Lock Yan". Secondly, NoNo Low Cutting. In Hong Kong their MTR, bus, tram are full of bizarre species of people. Unfortunately im staying and working in Kawloon Island where contains with so many "weird" and "horrible"people. The MTR map bellow, im staying and working in the Green Line, there has an interchange stations to go China, that's why inside the train cabin is always full of uncivilized people, i dont mean all of them but part of them. Im so phobia to take the MTR after work every evening, it's so tight, so smelly, so dirty, oh man, really can die.....So Kit and I wish to move to the Blue Line area which is Hong Kong Island as soon as we can. Soon..i will be crazy..So this is the reason, if i wear something low and maybe with so little cleavange , damn...the man will stare and stop their sight there.. damn insulting.. huh~ uncivilized!! I know ppl are used to peep but at least it's peeping, huh~ i hate their cheap lusty expression
So how am i going to be sexy? to be bitchy? to be hot?


≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

u don't need to have deep v to be hot my darling. keep with ur fashion sense. u're good enuff. dun go follow them ar!! later dunno jadi ape!! kenot kenot kenot!!!

Jingles said...

px~ i bought a Club Monaco dress yesterday for an occasion~ $1590"~" but my sister gonna sponsor me rm 500 la.. looks like audrey hepburn that Chanel feel.. muahaha,kidding, jz wannabe