Saturday, July 26

I Felt Myself

Last night was brilliant. I accompanied Kit to his colleagues and ex-colleagues gathering dinner at Brazil BBQ Restaurant. The food was so so but unexpectedly the friends were awesome. I found that they were so interesting, humor, open minded, funny, talkative, initiative, friendly and so one. Carrie from Hong Kong, the organizer who contacted everyone for this gathering, made the booking and directed me & kit to the venue. She is so easygoing and friendly. So im at ease to let her be kit's good colleague in order to share gossip in office..hee Then we got Dian from Beijing, Sebastien from France, Harvey who longer stayed in New Zealand and me from Malaysia. I wana highlight Christian from Argentina , he seemed like the Leading Actor last night. With long messy hair, mustache, big tummy and he can crap so much, in fact it weren't craps. He had really much of life experiences, from Argentina to Italy and to Hong Kong. At the whole night, he was the storyteller who shared so many lively funny stories. I’m so remembered that he said five years ago when he were staying in Italy, they had to wait for six months to get the telephone line. And Italian really doesn't like to work. Six month.. wait for six days here is consider so long.. After the dinner, we went to Bar for shisha. From the day I left Tanah Malayu, I left the club, bar and liquor. I dont deny that I'm an alcoholic beside shopaholic. It is always very fun to hang out with bunch of friends. i felt glad comfortable to join with people. Maybe i have spent too much time with hong kong people and speak cantonese. And last night i felt myself was there.

And here's the result of the smoke of Apple Shisha

I was the poorest one


≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

whre's the picture where u were high on shisha and kit laffing? tat was sooo cuteeee!!!

no pix from the tsuen wan party? ;)

Jingles said...

yea, it's up up updated