Tuesday, July 15

Club Monaco Gets Me Drunk

I am isolated. I'm here for more than a month, have never committed myself to the society. Using an outsider's eye to watch the others, I feel myself is like a stranger and I don’t want to be part of them, also worry that I will be part of them. But don't get me wrong, I'm not sealed off myself in a room. Get nothing much can do here, life is just about work and shop. I attend church and shopping every weekend to feed my soul in order to cut down the depressed by being away from home. Sometimes really miss family and you guys but i know i should have to move forward. Recently, I've fall into the trap of seasonal sales. 30%-50%- 70% HK doesn't have Topshop, so i've become a fan of Club Monaco. I was late to their sales. The targeted trench dress has no more~ what a disappointment! But i bought a pair of Skinny Jeans, Knee Length Shorts, Satin Top, Polo Tee, Formal Shirt and Full Leather Notebook costed around RM 800~ It consider valuable from Club Monaco. Ivii gonna kill me i guess~However, i miss to shop with u girls.

Quite some time have never updated my face here~ this picture doesnt tell the truth, it's not so glad to go for work. Am so frastruted to wake up early in the mornin.. see my puffy face.. but.. actually im always puffy :)


≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

we miss you tooo!!
dun worry will join u soon k! how nice if can work in the same company together. haihhh

u wont' be part of them. u're always a class above pls. no matter how u bcome! ;)

yook hwa said...

heeeheee. but ur puffy face is spesial! will always remember tat ;) nice outfit for work & i hate waking up in mornings too, though i dont have to wake up very early. ehhehe

Jingles said...

px: love ur words "a class above".. u ar alwiz my soul supporter~tsk tsk

yh: you remember the puffy face, how about the fishboll face?!

Jingles said...

opps.. it's fishball

yook hwa said...

yes yes! hahahahaaa