Monday, December 15

Exhausted in December

Finally i get time to rest and doing blog.. px and lynn motivated me lotz....

Santa Claus is coming to town.. love all the jingles and xmas songs surround in town

I've changed my job to get myself into my favourite fashion field to work as a visual merchandiser in Cotton On. At first, I feel so excited to do what i love the most, but in fact, that's not. When they confirmed me, they've changed my position into MIT ( Manager in training). It's the training to be a store manager but i dont like to do as a store manager in retail, so i've made the decision to resign.. They have calmed me down saying they will let me to do all VM task in future. This job is physically hard.

The JobScope
1. Refill
2. Tidy up
3. Folding
4. Change Display
5. Store Presentation
6. Customer Services

My Desire JobScope
1. Design for Window Display
2. Design for Store Presentation
3. Creative the VM directives
4. Go arround all stores to do all the VM

So i feel so crash between the facts and the desires. It seems like this is not what i want. But recently the layoff in Hong Kong is horrible and terrible, i should appreaciate that i still have a job. Somemore, it's about fashion, i should think of the fun site and look for long term. Cotton On is a new brand in Hong Kong and still expanding. My sister encouraged me with " the efforts today is to build the achievement of tomorrow" So im giving myself a probation period to adapt into it.

Currently watching STYLISTA. it's a reality show of people fighting to get into ELLE Magazine to be the editor. It's like a reality show of Devil Wears Prada.. very interesting. Girls, u should go and catch it up....

Tess is my new friend. I lik her style because she always put so much efforts into mix and match. We met in Cotton On but she just worked for 3 days. So coinsident that she is just staying the next apartment of mine. Thanks for her shopping guide and toured me around the bars and boutiques where i dont know about it at all. Here is the Irish Pub we went on friday night. Some strangers paid for the drinks, awesome~!

The Kilkenny is smooth and soft like silk....
I told kit that im goin to update my blog, i need some recent photos, so we went to TST and Mongkong shopping at the same time to capture some photos...


≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

angang...I'M LOVING IT!!! *mcd themesong*
THE TRENCH COAT ROX BIG TIME!! and the boootsss!!! AhhHhHHhHHHH!!!

anyway, just remember that Paco started as a salesboy okay. ur day will come!! mwah!

Lynnie said...

Honey! JOIN THE CLUB!!! hahahahha

*TheClub= dun like jobscope but good for future.

wahahha! nvm jw, stay for a few months until the economy turns around, after that only decide. :)

OR! like px like that, find 'inspiration' at your workplace. hehe

Jingles said...

That's WHY i love u guys so much~ so encouranging..
haha, both if u ar in the club? and now i am~ thx alotz

≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

u have been missing in action.
and not returning my calls.
and sms...
and msn...

omg u forgot me.