Wednesday, April 23

Do the Right Thing in the Right Age

Was driving to uni for exam, while listening to the radio DJ promoted the HARD CANDY album from Madam M, i felt sooo....disgusting!! I recall her "Hang Up" video clip and "Hard Candy" album's cover.. Is she the fetish of showing undies??!! or she is too obsessed with her body??!! Not that im conservertive.. but just save this for those young bimbos, you are 50..pls do the right thing in ur right age..

Topshop member pre-sales day, i got nothing. Too many people, long queue, and big sizes. End up i just got 2 undies. It is so cool and cute. They are always in my wanting, finally i got it!! But it is too shy for me to show here:) Topshop's undies design is very cute and young, totally diff from La Senza n Vic Secret. But i love all of them~

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